DBS by the Bay


In between the adrenaline rushes, and suntan sessions – head over to our BayFest shops for a stroll through our curated selection of your lifestyle brands and social enterprises.

Feast your eyes and bare your pockets on everything from free-standing hammocks and inflatable floats for that true beach experience, to ethically-sourced chocolate cashews and organic coconut beeswax candles. Housed in insta-worthy refitted containers, feel free to snap away while you shop and support some of our favourite brands. Two birds, one stone.

Here’s the full list of vendors you can expect to catch at Bayfest Shop.


LetsFloatSg is a Singaporean-owned business, helmed by Vera who was inspired to start this after a leisure trip to the land of Sun and Surf, Bali.

Teddy Thotz

TeddyThotz ‘n’ OneKind is all about quirky and creative things that are handmade and homemade. Think unique teddy bears in the quirkiest prints and crochet animals of all colours possible.


SyraSkins’ white henna in particular is the perfect accessory for your resting beach face.

Rania Hasna

Rania Hasna believes in using only the finest chemical-free, human-safe ingredients in their ethically-created skincare products. No scientific jargon or complex substance. Expect Nature stripped down to its best in the form of skin and body care.

Nail Machine

Aptly named, the Nail Machine is a portable nail salon helmed by Kimberly whose nimble brushwork and intricate designs will breathe new life onto your fingerbeds. Let the kaleidoscope of colours and array of designs help you nail your festival look.

Marchbaby Collective

Perfect your festival look with Marchbaby Collective's waterproof, glow-in-the-dark and metallic body art. Stand out amongst the throngs of party-goers and (literally) shine with these faux necklaces and bracelets.

Ethical Chic

Ethical Chic takes pride in sniffing out handmade pieces that support a whole slew of social causes from gender equality to fair wages for marginalised communities.


LadyKin is a Korean cosmetic brand with over a decade of history and experience in the industry. They believe that quality and affordability go hand-in-hand when it comes to their range of paraben-free skin care products.

Human Nature

Human Nature is all for loving the environment and loving your families as they provide only the safest and purest world-class ingredients in each and every one of their products. Their goal? Effective and affordable natural and organic personal care products that feel as good on your skin as they do in your heart.

East Bali Cashews

Located in the heart of Bali’s cashew region, their business model is grounded in social and environmental sustainability and strives to improve the lives of their cashew growing communities.

Center Pottery

Center Pottery was born when their founder believed that the art of pottery and mental wellbeing would go hand-in-hand to provide for a cathartic and symbolic experience like no other.

Blanc Studios

Blanc Studios believes in the perservation of important memories. Fashioned as bespoke events artisans, they bring visions into reality providing you with tailor-made services to suit every event and party.


Airmocks is Singapore's first freestanding hammock company that aims to bring to you divine bliss in a breeze.

5th Avenue Concept

Get a taste of the Big Apple in our little red dot with 5th Avenue Concept, which takes inspiration from their namesake street in New York. Expect a marriage of simplicity and sophistication in 5th Avenue’s furniture and furnishings.


This leading Korean skincare brand has long been established as a pioneer of bringing together science with the perfection of nature.