DBS by the Bay

Paddle for Good with Society Staples

This year, at the DBS Marina Regatta, we have once again partnered with Society Staples to bring you the experience of dragon boating on land, with an added twist! Have you ever met an adaptive paddler? At this year’s Paddle For Good (PFG), learn what they do and quite literally experience for yourself how these athletes train and compete in a sport that relies heavily on auditory and visual cues. On 28 May, 4 and 5 June, participants will be able to experience either a visual impairment simulation or a deafness simulation in which they will get to walk in the shoes of an adaptive paddler racing in a dragon boat competition. Come on down to experience it for yourself and to find out more!  
About Society Staples 
Society Staples Logo copy Growing up with brothers with intellectual disabilities, Debra and Ryan developed a unique sense and understanding of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) and their roles in society. This culminated in Society Staples in early 2015. Fuelled by their experiences and a shared passion for social acceptance and inclusion, the pair use team building and outreach events to create conversations about PwDs, imparting unique perspectives on the matter gleaned from interactions with PwDs. In the first year of incorporation, their work has received many awards. Most notably, the President’s Challenge Social Enterprise Start-Up of the Year 2015. Society Staples is also a social enterprise under Asia For Good, supported by DBS Foundation.